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Using the Proto Shield Plus pushbuttons with analog input

Published : 04/12/2018 09:21:09
Categories : Proto Shield Plus

Using the pushbuttons with analog input

The Proto Shield Plus comes with five push buttons provided on-board.

Proto Shield Plus Push Buttons

By default, signal connections are the same used in the Arduino LCD shield of widespread use:

  • Pushbuttons A-SELECT, B-LEFT, C-DOWN, D-UP and E-RIGHT connects by default to A0 input pin (by means of SJA0)
  • The RESET button resets the Arduino program

Pushbuttons connection schematic (SJA0 closed by default)

Proto Shield Plus Push Buttons Schematics

Using the PUSHBUTTONS with a different analog input pin

In case that your project needs A0 pin to acuire some other signal, you can connect the pushbuttons to a different analog input pin.

To do that, do as follows:

Cut SJA0 in the middle to disconnect PUSHBUTTONS form A0 input pin

Proto Shield Plus SJA0

Connect your desired Ax input pin to the pad marked in the image below

Proto Shield Plus JA0

Connecting different pushbuttons to a single analog input is useful since it uses just one Arduino pin.
Anyway it is voltage dependant and it cannot be used in case that your application needs two pushbuttons pressed at the same time.
That’s why the Proto Shield Plus can be configured to use the pushbuttons with different digital input pins.

The next article will cover this aspect.

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