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Using the Proto Shield Plus pushbuttons with digital inputs

Published : 04/20/2018 10:47:04
Categories : Proto Shield Plus

Using the PUSHBUTTONS with digital input pins

If your application needs (or you prefer) to have pushbuttons connected to the digital input pins, in a few steps the Proto Shield Plus can be configured to satisfy this need too.

Referring to the figure below, cut SJA0, SJABTN, SJBBTN, SJCBTN, SJDBTN and SJEBTN in the middle to disconnect the PUSHBUTTONS form A0 input pin.

Proto Shield Plus SJ digital pins

Connect BTN A, B, C, D and E pads to your desired digital pins.
While coding your Arduino sketch just remember to configure the internal pullup (pinMode(pinNumber,INPUT_PULLUP)).

Proto Shield Plus Pushbuttons digital pads

Proto Shield Plus pushbuttons digital pads

Proto Shield Plus Pushbuttons connction shematics

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