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Spare parts to setup your testing environment.

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11,90 €

The Kit includes:

  • 10x Red LEDs 3mm diam.
  • 10x Green LEDs 3mm diam.
  • 10x Pushbuttons 5x5mm
  • 10x BC337 NPN Transistors
  • 2x 10K Potentiometer with Knob
  • 1x NTC (Temperature Sensor)
  • 1x LDR (Light Sensor)
  • 10x 220 Ohm Resistors 1/4W
  • 10x 470 Ohm Resistors 1/4W
  • 10x 1K Ohm Resistors 1/4W
  • 10x 4K7 Ohm Resistors 1/4W
  • 10x 10K Ohm Resistors 1/4W
  • 65x Male to Male Solderless Flexible Breadboard Wires
  • 1x LCD Display Module 1602 16x2 HD44780 with Yellow backlight
  • 1x 16 Pin 2.54mm Single Row Male Pin Header Strip

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